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Choosing a Tutor for Your Child

How to Choose a Tutor for Your Child

How do you find a great tutor for your child, one who will bring out the best in her? Read on for tips on how to go about this all-important task.

Experienced tutors teach children effectively and quickly

We all want to provide our children with the best of everything, be it education or a healthy lifestyle, so that they can do well in life when they grow up. And, home tuitions being a major aspect of children’s lives, we want to get the best home tutors for them. However, finding and engaging a good home tutor can be a tedious job. You will need to have long conversations and interviews with various tutors before deciding on whom to hire. However, even that is no guarantee that you will get the best tutor for your child.

Factors to consider in choosing a tutor

Picking out a great tutor may not be an easy task but it is an important one as your child’s education depends not only on the teachers in school but also on the private tutor. So, here are some factors to keep in mind when looking for a great home tutor:

  • Size of the class: In smaller classes, students get individual attention and the atmosphere is conducive to learning. With bigger classes, the queries and questions raised by the child are often left unanswered. Many home tutors insist on big batches so they can earn more per hour. But, that is not a good idea for your child. Look for a smaller class for more effectual sessions.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations and testimonials about the home tuition agency or home tutors can help you in finding the best home tutor for your child. So, look for testimonials from parents or students for the tutor or agency you have in mind.
  • The tutor’s training and education: It is vital to check the tutor’s background, qualifications, experience and training in teaching. Experienced tutors teach children effectively and quickly. They are also able to predict exam questions and to frame the perfect answers for them. This helps in raising your child’s grades.
  • Types of notes: When hiring a tutor, you must enquire about the notes that will be provided to your child. You must find out whether they will be provided by the tutor herself and about their quality. These notes will provide an extra advantage to your child with the teacher’s high quality and expertise being infused into every page.
  • The tutor’s ability to connect with the student: This is an important factor to look for when hiring a home tutor. The relationship between a teacher and a student must be strong and one of understanding. That will help the child follow the teacher properly. A good teacher who motivates the child will help him scale new heights and to become more confident. If the tutor can reach the heart and mind of a student, it will benefit the child greatly.
  • Style of teaching: Children learn in any of the three ways – visual, auditory or kinesthetic. So, it is crucial to first identify the method that your child is comfortable with and then find out whether the home tutor uses the same method. For children who follow a visual learning style, the tutor should use tools like videos, animations and so on. Those who follow audios better can gain from explanations by the tutors. Thus, you need to find a tutor who teaches according to the learning style of your child.
  • The teacher must know your child’s requirements: The best home tutor is one who understands the needs of the child and systematically plans and designs a custom-made teaching method that will meet her requirements. So, when choosing a tutor, make sure he pays heed to the child’s requirements and works to increase her potential.

Consider home tuition agencies

When looking for a tutor, you can also contact home tuition agencies. They will help you in finding a highly qualified tutor with good communication skills. You don’t need to interview the tutor directly as the agency will find one who meets your expectations and requirements. Coordinators from the agency are trained to do just that. The coordinators will also help you get a clear idea about the type of tutor your child requires. And, once you’ve found a tutor, make sure you give her time to understand your child and teach him accordingly. Remember also that you cannot treat her like an employee. Nor can you force her to take on your child; you have to leave it to her to decide.

Teaching is one of the most respected professions and home tutors are in great demand nowadays due to increasing competition and the enhanced focus on academics. Good education is a must for success in business or a job; so, hiring the best home tutor gives your child a real advantage. While finding a good tutor can be difficult, it will be well worth the trouble you take. And, when your child excels in her studies, you will be glad you put in that extra effort to find the best tutor you could for her.

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