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Oxford-educated, experienced tutor teaching English Language and Literature, Latin, Ancient Greek, French, GCSE/A-level/university level online, with 12 years' experience. The aim of my lessons is to grow the student's confidence so they can absorb information without anxiety about mistakes, and then use their knowledge to think creatively and express their ideas. I have a strong history of exciting hesitant learners about their studies, rapidly improving the skills of advanced students, and of matching my teaching to the individual's profile to ensure they meet their potential. I believe that motivation to study comes from experiencing the satisfaction of developing an independent way of thinking, and that seeking academic progress can be a truly inspiring endeavour for everyone.

I am an experienced teacher with a background in both online private tutoring and school roles; I currently teach English Literature for prestigious an international school. I specialise in literature and languages, covering: * English Literature at GCSE to university level, * Latin from beginner to university level, * Ancient Greek from beginner to GCSE level, * French from beginner to GCSE level, * Common Entrance, UCAS applications, Oxbridge applications, interview practice, personal statements, * Exam technique, essay technique, study skills, revision I am familiar with several exam boards in these subjects and how to achieve high marks in testing, as well as the most effective materials for each level. Over the years I have developed numerous resources and lesson programmes adapted to the needs of my students; I like to work out a plan of study with each student to ensure their progress, fully incorporating their individual goals. The principles I base my lessons on are: * Semantic enrichment: I explain new information via diverse perspectives and approaches - for instance, studying a poem through the lenses of historical/biographical context, literary history and theory, authorial technique, connections to other art forms and authors, and philosophical bases. * Active learning: After introducing a new concept to a student, I encourage them to explain, reformulate, and apply this material to a spectrum of questions, allowing them not only to recognise but also to integrate and actively use their new knowledge in any relevant situation. * Spaced repetition: I design lesson plans to progress through constant consolidation of learning, by taking a student's recently acquired skills, and applying them to new syllabus material; this way, each new stage integrates revision of previous topic, and serves to anchor ideas in the student's memory long-term. * Meaningful exchanges: I pursue and develop a meaningful connection with students to ensure that their study resonates with their personal values and interests; in my opinion this is the most effective approach to learning, because it binds the practice of learning to the student’s internal motivation to grow.

My Subjects & Fees

Subject Level Price
English A-level £40
English GCSE £35
English KS3 (11-14 yrs) £35
English 11+ Exam £35
English Adult Education £40


Preliminary Exams, University of Oxford, French (first class), Classics (first class), Scholarship for achievement at Magdalen College, d'Overbroeck's College Oxford, A-levels in Latin (A) French (A) and English Literature (A) AS-levels in Latin (A) French (A) English Literature (A) German (A) Psychology (A) , Headington School Oxford, GCSEs in Latin (A*) French (A) English Literature and Language (A*) Double Science (A* A*) Maths (A) History (A*) Art (A*) Religious Studies (A) Information Studies (A*)