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My Bio

Hello! I'm Hamidah, a first-class Oxford graduate in English and Modern Languages. I am patient and understanding and can offer students key tools and techniques to succeed in English. As someone who has a background in writing and communication, I can offer students key ways of conveying their points clearly to an examiner. I am able to grasp set texts quickly and can help make sense of them when working with someone looking to improve their grade. Through small but tangible steps, I can show students how best to approach an exam paper and, (hopefully) make the subject enjoyable too!

My approach to tutoring is specific to the person in front of me. I want my students to feel that they have a say in how the lesson goes and their comfort is the most important thing. Some of the activities I might choose to work through with a student would include: walking through exam papers, reading through an excerpt from a set text to analyse it, and talking about how to structure an essay. These are just some examples and listening to what my student wants to work on each session is crucial. I motivate them through verbal encouragement, written feedback, and breaking ideas or exam criteria down into smaller steps to make learning and succeeding realistic to them.

I have worked in PR and publishing over the past few years. Along with my track record in achieving highly in English over the course of my education, I am constantly attuned to the importance of clarity in writing from day to day. I am used to working with others in productive and collaborative ways and feel this is vital in order to create an interactive and meaningful environment for my pupils.

My Subjects & Fees

Subject Level Price
English A-level £32.50
English KS3 (11-14 yrs) £32.50
English GCSE £32.50


Oxford University BA English and Modern Languages (First Class), - A-levels: English A*, French A, Maths A, EPQ A*, - GCSEs: 9 A*s and 1 A