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My Bio

Tutoring for A- Levels and GCSEs for Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Accomplished in all subjects and a strong mastery of the relevant mark schemes to which I use to help my students achieve the highest grades. Where appropriate, I use links to with science and the world around us to make the subject more relevant, engaging and relevant.

I am an experienced tutor, teaching both privately and with agencies, for the past 5 years. I use examples, diagrams and online simulations to explain difficult concepts in alternative ways and then work through past exam papers. My clients have always given me excellent reviews and regularly get recommended to others. I pride myself on having a track record of helping students to significantly increase their grades, for example I helped raise a Physics student's UCAS grade from a D to an A.

My Subjects & Fees

Subject Level Price
Chemistry A-level £35
Physics A-level £35
Mathematics A-level £35
Mathematics GCSE £32.50
Physics GCSE £32.50
Chemistry GCSE £32.50
Biology GCSE £32.50
Science GCSE £32.50


11 GCSEs: 9 in Maths, A* Further maths, 8 in Chemistry, 8 in Biology, 7 in Physics, 4 A Levels: A* Maths, A in Further Maths, A in Physics, A in Chemistry , BSC and Masters in Theoretical Physics undergraduate