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University of Oxford English Language and Literature undergraduate with two years experience in tutoring. Enthusiastic about working with children as well as having the necessary skills to help guide students in understanding subject content. Excellent subject knowledge and essay writing skills, with attention paid specifically at student's progress and development of essays to a top standard.

I have had two years of classroom teaching experience at a Sunday school alongside one year of tutoring experience where I have taken on two GCSE pupils who are predicted to achieve an 8 in their GCSE, one previously being predicted a 6. I typically mould lessons to students' progress and development, looking at particular places where improvement is necessary and spending more time in development of essays (an area many pupils struggle with). I motivate students by seeking an aspect of the subject that they find enjoyable and setting tasks related to this. For English, as a creative humanities subject, it is not difficult to find themes or areas of enjoyment, even to those who perhaps find it more difficult. I believe that finding an area of enjoyment in the subject aids the student in understanding it more, resulting in improvement.

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English GCSE £32.50
English A-level £32.50


English Literature A LEVEL - A*, German A LEVEL - A, Geography A LEVEL - A*, BA English (current undergraduate) - University of Oxford