Jineth Linal

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My Bio

Hello! I'm Jineth, Kings College of London Biomedical Engineering undergraduate with an unwavering commitment to the educational growth of my students. My journey in tutoring has allowed me to interact with a diverse group of learners, each bringing their own unique challenges and perspectives. Over time, I've refined my methods to cater to individual needs, ensuring that each student feels understood and supported. My lessons are carefully designed with a blend of practical examples, visual aids, and engaging exercises. Additionally, I place significant emphasis on assessments, viewing them as invaluable tools to gauge progress and fine-tune my teaching strategies.

Motivation, I believe, is the cornerstone of effective learning. In my sessions, I consistently strive to foster a positive and encouraging atmosphere. By linking the subjects I teach to tangible applications, especially leveraging insights from my field of biomedical engineering, I aim to ignite a spark of curiosity and deeper understanding in my students. The feedback I've received speaks volumes: many of my students have not only achieved high grades but also experienced a surge in confidence and enthusiasm for the subjects they once found daunting. In essence, my mission goes beyond academic accomplishments; I aspire to instil a lasting passion for learning in every student I encounter. I am excited about the prospect of collaborating with you or your child and being a pivotal part of their scholastic achievements. Drawing from a fresh and dynamic approach to tutoring, I recognize the distinct hurdles each student confronts. By adapting my strategies to each unique learner, I ensure that our shared educational journey is both fulfilling and enlightening. Instilling confidence and nurturing a genuine appreciation for knowledge are at the core of my teaching approach. Armed with a keen ability to pinpoint growth opportunities and a patient, structured methodology, I've steered numerous students towards their academic aspirations. Embark on this transformative experience and witness first hand the magic of tailored education.

My Subjects & Fees

Subject Level Price
Biology GCSE £32.50
Mathematics GCSE £32.50
Physics GCSE £32.50
Science GCSE £32.50
Biology A-level £32.50
Mathematics A-level £32.50
Physics A-level £32.50