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My Bio

I am a BSc Economics Undergraduate at the University of Nottingham with more than two years of experience in tutoring for GCSE and A-Level students in Maths and Economics who has been able to improve the grades of students to an A* My style of teaching is based on increasing the confidence of the student, as I believe that one of the main factors that differentiates a lower grade to a higher grade is how much confidence the student has in their own knowledge going into the exam hall. Confidence is achieved by not only making sure they have an understanding of the topic, but also by going through exam papers and tweaking exam techniques until they're meeting all the examiner's requirement. It is also done by making sure that the pupil can apply the theory into real life situations so that they not only gain an understanding of how to use a certain theory, but also why it's used. Testimonials: "Dhanush was a really helpful tutor, I started off getting Bs in October and achieved an A* at the end for A levels. He went beyond what a standard tutor would and I learnt the many the facets of economics that helped aid my answers in a level, which then help further my passion of economics. I am now studying economics and international relations!" "During his time tutoring me, Dhanush consistently catered to my specific mathematical needs. The lesson would start off with him asking me if there is anything troubling me with topics recently covered in school and after explaining would give me questions progressively scaling in difficulty. We would then go over answers and any problems I had. Dhanush especially excelled in explaining in methods that my teachers at school hadn’t previously, which proved to be extremely helpful. I am grateful for the grade improvement from C-A* in the span of a few months as well as the pleasant experience of the sessions."

I have two years of experience tutoring pupils in Economics and Maths where I tutored and supported struggling students in KS3 - A-Levels (Mathematics and Economics) standards, boosting grades and morale alongside. Pinpointed strengths and weaknesses through the evaluation and analysis of the students’ progress throughout their time at the tuition centre which let their grades increase from 7s to 9s. I also currently am a tutor for schools at MyTutor for Maths and Economics where I have seen similar success. My style of tutoring is based mainly around building confidence amongst the students. This is done by setting them exam questions and other similar questions straight after the lesson to make sure they not only understood the topic but are also confident in answering the questions. Along a similar vein, I go through the exam details with the student in detail to make sure they accomplish what the examiner needs in their answers.

My Subjects & Fees

Subject Level Price
Mathematics A-level £32.50
Mathematics GCSE £30.50
Economics A-level £32.50


A-Levels: , Further Maths (A-Level) - A, Maths (A-Level) - A*, Economics (A-Level) - A, Physics (A-Level) - A*, GCSEs: , Maths (GCSE) - 9, Physics (GCSE) - 9, Biology (GCSE) - 8, English Literature (GCSE) - 7, English Language (GCSE) - 6, Chemistry (GCSE) - 9