Academic Coaching

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching uses ‘Personal Development’ techniques to help  students to realise their full potential. Below is some of the content that mentors and tutors deliver, either integrated into academic lessons or as a separate course:

  • Growth Mindset
    • Re-phrasing your words and thoughts to be a positive thinker who believes anything is possible with the right attitude and hard work
    • Resilience – understand what it takes to succeed in anything significant in life, to understand that failure is a part of success
  • Motivation
    • Find your why – reasons for wanting academic success and what that can bring to your life and others around you
    • Vision board – designing a visual poster of things you dream to achieve in your future life
  • Confidence building
    • Train the brain to recognise and celebrate small wins, no matter how small
    • Encouraging and reminding parents to praise and reward for incremental achievements made
  • Time management
    • Teaching students how to manage their time effectively
    • Develop a weekly timetable which plans for a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes study, exercise, good sleep, play, and family time
  • How to excel in the classroom
    • Establish a game plan, set your intention to impress yourself, know why you’re their
    • Accuracy + speed = Mastery
    • Completing class work quickly and with quality in order to access higher level work – showing the teacher (and yourself) you’re excelling


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