About Us

Teachers Around the World is a global group of experienced instructors who are passionate about lifelong learning. We want to provide opportunities for students of all ages the access to relevant and exciting new ideas and knowledge.

We want to provide support for those who may want to brush up on English or Math. We do this by promoting an online resource for individuals who want to create change in heir lives or for those who want a new challenge. Think of us like a bridge to new goals and the pursuit of your dreams.

Our structure is a simple one; teachers sign up and offer their expert knowledge and students sign up and look for the instructor to teach them. We foster curiosity and encouragement for those who might be missing this piece in their current situation whether it be due to financial or social distancing concerns.

We have learning opportunities for all ages ranging from preschoolers through Adults! Join us now by searching for the online class that ignites your curiosity. You can search
what options are available via the menu tabs at the top of this page.